Arunachal: Ninong Ering requests PM Modi to ban re-launch of PUBG Mobile

ITANAGAR-    Former Union Minister, current Arunachal Pradesh MLA and a noted China critic, Ninong Ering today wrote to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested a ban on the re-launch of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile was banned last year by the Ministry of IT under S. 69A of the IT Act on inputs from Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, MHA, for threatening the sovereignty, integrity and security of India, and the privacy of millions of Indian citizens.

However, Tencent and Krafton have recently announced a re-launch of the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is a mere shame and a way to side-step and disregard the Indian law and an indirect way to Tencent to enter India.

The letter with more details is attached.

IMG-20210522-WA0011__01-merged (1)


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  1. Dear Ninong Ering, please do your work dont focus on PUBG mobile INDIA relaunch by banning gaming apps you would not get any thing. Except some scoldings by gamers like me.

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