Arunachal Governor addresses the Madras Regiment Battalion Commanders’ Conference

Nationalism, the leadership role of the army in nation building and civil military relations.

WELLINGTON ( Tamil Nadu )- The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) addressed the Madras Regiment Battalion Commanders’ Conference at The Madras Regimental Centre (MRC), Wellington, Tamil Nadu on 5 th April 2022. The Governor spoke about

Nationalism, the leadership role of the army in nation building and civil military relations.

The Governor said that the people of Nation must glance at the beginning of the Nation’s defence events. He said this historical review is important to draw correct lessons for our present and future Defence Management. From the very time of Indian independence, the Apex leadership had kicked off on the wrong foot, as far as the defence of the country is concerned.

When the Indian Army was winning the battles and the Pakistani forces were withdrawing in panic, the Indian Army was stopped at Uri when their objective Domale and Muzaffarabad were very easy for them to capture. The mismanagement of our National Defence did not stop here. The Apex political leadership of India took the issue of Kashmir to the United Nations and till date we are suffering from the legacies of those days, he said.

The Governor said that things have now changed as the present National Apex political leadership has unambiguously and loudly announced that we will fight for every inch of our land and we are preparing for facing squarely our arch enemies. He said that the military initiatives of air strike in Pakistan at Balakot, the firm stand at Doklam and Galwan valley in Eastern Ladakh against China are indicative of our national strong political will.

The Governor said that the country’s defence indigenous productions are increasing every day and there have been drastic cuts in the nation’s defence imports. The speed of the manufacturing of defence platforms in the country is making rapid progress in their production and also exporting them, he said.


The Governor said that our National Defence parameters are being taken care of.

Recently, when Russia attacked Ukraine, the first reaction and averment of our top political leadership was that India has to be fully prepared to face our adversaries and we will defend our country fully on our own. The Indian Armed Forces now have the resolute and determined political support, he quoted.

Our Armed Forces have to gear up with confidence, courage and grit to face any and every challenge to our country, the Governor said. He urged the Battalion Commanders to make sure that the National Defence preparedness details trickled down to the junior most Sepoy of the Battalions.

The Colonel of the Regiment, Madras Regiment, Lt. General Manjinder Singh, YSM, VSM, Commandant, MRC, Brig. Rajeshwar Singh, SC, SM, Commanding Officers, senior serving officers and the veterans of the Regiment attended the conference.

Earlier in the day, the Governor in an impressive ceremony laid a wreath at the Madras Regimental War Memorial located at cross road junction right at the entrance of the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, where eleven roads converge. The majestic monument is being constructed in memory of the martyrs of the Regiment.


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