Arunachal: Deomali gets a permanent APMC Market Building

This is one the great achievements of Lowang as daily market was earlier, run inside a ramshackle building with very little space.

DEOMALI-  ( By Denhang Bosai )-  The magnificent APMC daily market building at Deomali is going to be fully functional shortly. It was inaugurated by Wangki Lowang, local MLA and minister before the elections. This is one the great achievements of  Lowang as daily market was earlier, run inside a ramshackle building with very little space.

Deomali gets 2 weekly markets on Wednesday and Saturday. People from Assam come and sell their products, especially fruits and vegetables. This building will be a real boon for them.


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Needless to say that this APMC building is going to be one of the landmark buildings of Deomali. People of Deomali, especially the business community are grateful to minister Wangki Lowang.

The daily customers too are  grinning from ear ear on seeing the stately building. It has all the required facilities like washrooms, 24×7 power supply and fans fitted on the ceilings as Deomali, a foothill, is quite hot in summer. It will also encourage the nearby local villagers to market their produce.

However, counseling of the vendors and customers may be conducted by the district administration, concerned departments and NGOs to create awareness vis-a-vis maintenance of cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere in and around the market building.

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The washroom should be maintained properly. If need be a sweeper may be appointed whose monthly payment shall be borne by the vendors on contributary system. A multi-storeyed/multi-layer parking lot in the periphery of the APMC market building will do a world of good for the customers as well as the vendors.

Thank you  minister  Wangki Lowang for your invaluable gift to Deomali in particular and Tirap District in general. Such an initiative will also propel and drive the concept of ‘vocal for local’ or ‘atma nibharta’ forward as the vegetable and fruit growers will get a place to sell their products.

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As a matter of fact, organic farming should be encouraged as the vegetables and fruits that we buy from Assam are highly contaminated due to excessive use of pesticides and medicines.

We must not be dependent on Assam and other states for everything. Let’s encourage our youth to engage in Agro-based activities. This APMC market building should be gainfully utilized and it shouldn’t be just a show-piece.

( The writer is former Deputy Director, DIPR )


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