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Arunachal: BJP MLA Biyuram Wahgey visits remote villages, called it ‘Vidhayak Aap ke Dwar’

BJP MLA Biyuram Wahgey toured remote villages of his Constituency Pakke Kessang, Called it “Vidhayak Aaap ke Dwar” .

Dipik ( Pakke Kessang ) 


With Govt Scheme ” Sarkar Aaap ke Dwar” getting good exposure while providing  makeble services to the people of remote villages, MLAs are following suit and visiting the remote villages of their constituencies and called it  “Vidhayak Aap ke Dwar”.

Recently BJP MLA Biyuram Wahgey toured his Constituency Pakke Kessang  and inaugurated various development projects. The MLAs have inaugurated circle offices and  also inspected the drinking water system of the schools in the locality.


He laid the foundation stone of a 3.9 Km long Dipik to upper Dikhalmukh roadway, constructed  at a cost of 385.63 lakh under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna.  The said road would be completed within one year time schedule. This project is being funded by the Ministry of Rural development, govt of India . The construction of this road was a long pending demand of the local people. Now their demand will fulfilled.

Interestingly, the MLAs also taught a took class of student from Dipik middle school and also interacted with Gaon Buras, Panchayat leaders and public.


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