Arunachal: APRYA & NCF jointly organised mass social services at Palizi village

Bomdila-  All Palizi Ramda Youth Association (APRYA) in collaboration with Nilvo Charity Foundation (NCF) has organised one day mass social services at Palizi village in West Kameng district today, 25 Jan.

Around 45 to 50  Youths ,women, Staff, missionaries and public have actively participated for today’s Social services cleaniness  programme.

The Social services has started from early in the morning, all the volunteers started the drive by cleaning the  main drainage  system passing across the main bazar line palizi.

Youths along with the physical cleaning drive has also instructed the shopkeepers and publics  to regularly maintain cleaniness and hygiene and asked them to use the  community Dustbins provide by the Government.


Somi Parisow , the founder cum chairman of Nilvo charity foundation has thank all the youth volunteers participate in today’s social services, he also thank all the  SHG women, Staff of St. Xavier’s school Palizi, and the general public for rendering there support for today’s drive.

Somi Parisow also told the people about the important of Cleaniness and hygiene, he said Cleanliness is very essential for getting good health, positive thoughts with well being. It is our responsibility as a human being to promote safe and hygiene well being. Cleanliness helps everyone to make a positive image which helps in staying healthy, Parisow said.

Nima Tsering Nimasow General Secretary of All Palizi Ramda Youth Association, said this is our first step to create awareness about cleaniness and hygiene to our people, we hope that our people’s will get a message through this drive and continue it in coming future, he added , we will always work for the welfare of our Society.

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