Arunachal: AAK committed to preserve, promote Adi dialogue

PASIGHAT- ( By- Maksam Tayeng )- The Adi Agom Kebang (AAK), the literary body of the Adi society today to preserve and promote the Adi dialogue, the mother tongue of the Adis. With this purpose AAK hold ts 12th general conference cum selection of its new office bearers for the session 2022-24 wherein several literary and academician of the Adi community attended in the daylong conference with a commitment to work better with a proper roadmap to streamline the uniform implementation of Adi language as the third language in the schools of all Adi inhabited areas.

The general conference was presided over by Kaling Borang, the outgoing President of AAK as Chairman with coordination of Tajing Taki, the outgoing General Secretary. The AAK remained defunct for a certain period after which the Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) constituted a committee under the Chairmanship of Omir Tatin, V/P (protocol) and the committee supervised the conduct of the general conference today. However, AAK outgoing President, Kaling Borang informed the house during the conference that the AAK’s conference was to be held 2 years before, but it had to be postponed due to covid situation in the country.

In today’s general conference, several literarians and academicians of Adi society from various fields including the local Adi linguistic experts attended with a collective objective to preserve and promote the Adi language. Some among them were Prof. Tamo Mibang, former VC, RGU, Bodong Yirang, former Director Elementary Education, Obang Tayeng, former Director, IPR, Agusti Jamoh, DACO East Siang, Okom Yosung, Secy. General, ABK, Tajom Tasung, Gen. Secy. CDPYK, Taring Tabi, Maktil Apum, Prof. Nong Tayeng, Sekkong Pertin etc. and each one of them spoke to strengthen the AAK and to come up with a common alphabet for the Adis.

While recognizing the contribution and effort in writing various books and for his other literary work, one Ilo Libang from Parbuk village under Lower Dibang Valley district was felicitated by the AAK amidst the gathering. While Bodong Yirang, Dr. Gindu Borang, Oling Ratan, Kaling Borang, AAK outgoing president presented and recited their poems in local Adi dialogue/language. Tamo Mibang and Kaling Borang urged the new office bearers of AAK to work with a proper roadmap to streamline the implementation of Adi textbooks in the schools to educate the young generation to learn and know the Adi dialogue/language.

As per AAK, the Adi dialogue/language has already been introduced in most of the schools under Adi inhabited areas as a third language subject. But proper teaching of the subject is not being done as desired in most of the schools due to demands of honorarium and lack of commitment by the Adi teachers.

However, most of the speakers during the conference batted for selfless work in teaching without demanding for extra honorariums as those teachers are already paid by the government. AAK also informed that the Adi textbooks are already being taught in the schools of Mishing inhabited areas in neighbouring Assam also, as Adis of Arunachal and Mishings of Assam both speak the same language.

The conference ended with selection of new office bearers led by Dr. Tayek Talom (former Director Higher & Technical Education) as President and Tayon Dai as General Secretary.


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