APCC ask Govts to break silence over reports of Chinese village in Arunachal Pradesh

 ITANAGAR- It has  been three days that both the State and Central Government  have not issued any statement on  recent Chinese  incursion in Arunachal Pradesh where China  has constructed a village consisting  of about  101 homes with  in house capacity of 2000 people. State and Central Government  is maintaining distrustful  silence when the  whole nation is waiting  for the Governments  to take action against China, alleged Arunachal Pradesh Congress committee ( APCC ) in a press statement issued by Mina Toko, Genral Secretary, APCC.


The statement said that ” Nothing is more humiliating for the people of Arunachal Pradesh as China claims the State  as part of Southern Tibet and taking away our land little by little , while our Government is telling lies that it is  ‘Keeping Close Watch’ on border. In the era of satellites and  modern technology it is  delusive to believe that our Government is not aware of the construction work undertook along the border areas.  Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) questions  if the Government is personalising Satellites imagery and mapping  to trade the country’s Sovereignty and integrity across border. If Centre is at strict vigil why objection was not raised before China started the Construction?

Chinese intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh  is becoming  Power-Show event  to insult the very existence  of India. Such infrastructure development by China in Indian side of border is total failure of successive administration (BJP), Mina stated.

Elaborating the work done by UPA govt, Mina stated that ” UPA govt. completed 40 border roads in Arunachal Pradesh including  construction of  border road till Limekang HQ , a Village  in Upper Subansiri District   bordering China. It is in 1959, our 15 brave solider  fought in LAC to safeguard the border area where today China constructed 101 Houses. It is our  Army’s Long Range Patrolling exercise for months  without food and water in the wild  to safeguarded our border which our Prime Minister  is trading  off shamefully, the statement said .

Further Mina stated, “Since the inception of BJP government in Arunachal Pradesh  the state is  lacking 5-6 years of  infrastructure  development in border areas. There is no infrastructure development   70-80 km away in Indian Side of LAC where as China has settled a village and developed infrastructure for military use. Hence, the BJP govt. Led by Pema Khandu and BJP parliamentarians  must give account of Rs.50,000 crore spent  on road connectivity in the state in past years as claimed by  Union Home Minister Amit Shah” Mina added in her statment.

What is visible is that,  the BJP Govt  in the state has put up few  hoardings in the middle of Town Vegetable Market to showcase ‘Smart City’ in flex for years where as China has built whole town inside Indian territory. Hence ,the speculation , if the fund for building Smart City  in the State is traded off to China. This is such a petty that BJP claim themselves as ‘ Chowkidar Rashtra ka’- they are the Judas of the Nation indeed, stated APCC general secretary.

Further, APCC demands for ,on ground identification of the development and uproot the construction undertook by China at the border to safeguard our country’s Sovereignty and territorial integrity. If fail to do so ,then PM Modi and CM Pema Khandu must resign from their respective post on moral ground.


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