The True Heroes : Unsung and Unseen

Suddenly, my phone rang and it was a call from Kari Ete working as AE PHED............

The True Heroes: Unsung and Unseen  ( By Nyatum Doke )-   It was pouring outside as usual like any other monsoon day; I was working with my Dealing Assistant to ensure that all the General election related works were wrapped up. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was a call from Kari Ete working as AE PHED.

As soon as I received the call, he enquired me “ajen (friend) would you be interested in visiting the worksite of the after flood repairing works being carried out by the Department? “yes” I readily agreed, but lamented and in our colloquial way I said “I am all in suit boot”. He said “no worries” and arranged a pair of Gumboots for me and my photographer.


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We drove to the worksite towards Shivaji Nagar, then parked our car and marched for about 20 minutes towards the mountain alongside the river. The path was muddy and slippery. I could see the workers drenched in rain carrying the heavy pipes on their shoulders walking effortlessly- whereas, for us it was difficult to even walk.

As I reached the worksite, I could see a person waving his hand with a smile, it was JE Padu. I was happy to see them smiling while working in such challenging situations. As I looked around, I could see broken pipelines lying tethered, the pipelines were totally washed away by the flood and now they were trying for some alternative source. Some workers were engaged in finding the pipes buried in the sediments, then some trying to pull out one that they could fine.

The moral of the story is that most of the time the works department like PHED or Power Department do not get the due credit. We often complain without knowing the fact; I understand sometimes the complaints are genuine.

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However, the departments like power of PHED are agencies that deal with the water and electricity which are the very basic needs of the people, even its absence for a day or two impacts the people directly. Then these departments are very much at the mercy of the weather god- a little storm or some rain could ruin all their efforts.

During these days of heavy monsoon where we could see only rain, storm and raging rivers and ‘Nalas’ in Tezu; I was surprised that electricity was very consistent – I jokingly told the Executive Engineer “Sir this time it seems your department have grown resilient to flood and storm”, then he shared some photos of him and his men working in the harsh weather conditions.

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The point is we should understand that for any service that we are getting – there is someone who is toiling hard, braving rain storms and thunder. So next time if you are wasting water or electricity- think of them and be judicious in your utilisation.

Specially, the workers of the department who are called casual labours or non-regular or ALCs are the first line of defence working anywhere and anytime. It would be great if the government could do something about these groups of people, especially in the work departments.

By ‘something’, I mean, some financial incentives for any kind of injury or death or other insurance. I understand that there are schemes like labour cards or E-Sharam etc. But, department wise, individualised and focused incentives would be better for them.

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At last, after the visit we walked back to our car. While on our way back, my friend stopped the car to talk to his staff who were working near a village to clear a blockage. He enquired “is there any problem”. I thought they would say it’s raining heavily or the weather is bad so it’s difficult to work.

But I was surprised to hear their answer “sir no problem, just that the raincoats have become thin and water percolates inside,” they replied with a smile standing drenched in the rain like a Hero- but alas! Unsung and unseen.

( The writer is DIPRO Lohit )


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