Itanagar: Tana Sumpa gets National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018

A progressive entrepreneur Tana Sumpa(35), Proprietor Border Area Multipurpose Coop Society awarded the National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018.



A progressive entrepreneur Mrs Tana Sumpa(35) wife of Mr Tana Kaya Tara Proprietor  Border Area Multipurpose Coop Society Ltd, Hollongi was awarded the National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 in the Special Award Category (SC/ST) sector under A2 category of the Enterprise Award Track from Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) Govt of India.

She received the award from Minister of Sate of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Anantkumar Hegde at Dr.Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi on 4th January’2019 last.

Mrs  Tana Sumpa, belongs to the Nyishi tribe inform that  despite her constraints, being home bound as a housewife, with no source of regular income, lacking any professional skills, and being from a remote corner of the country, she cherished a dream of becoming self sustainable and give her family a better life.

With that vision in her mind, she took training on piggery farm management from RESTI. After the successful completion of the training Tana Sumpa along with her few of her fellows locals registered a cooperative Society, in 2017, named as the Border Area Multi-purpose Cooperative society limited, at Hollongi, Arunachal Pradesh.

She also said that she  and her partners in the enterprise plan to further grow her enterprise to cater to more areas of the neighbouring state of Assam. Plans are also underway to start Poultry as a line business. They plan remedy the issues and constraints of logistics by procuring their own vehicle for transportation.

They are running Piggery farms and fisheries with high quality breed to meet the demand for the state, whose 90% populations are non-vegetarian in their food habits. Consumption of Pork items is high and daily; some special dishes are made for long time preservation. They have a wholesale format distribution.

Apart from supply to retailers for household consumption, they are able to service the demands for Pork from commercial buyers, such as hotels and restaurants throughout the state. Revenues have rapidly grown to about Rs. 6 lacs per month

Their Pig breeding and fattening units are hygienically maintained. They manage their waste effectively- the waste generated is utilised as organic bio-fertiliser for the local farmers and also used in Fisheries.

With their constant hard work, the enterprise is now profitable, they are now able to sold immense possibilities for new entrepreneurship in their state, their works are not only confined to agriculture-based products but also helping the local people, women, housewives and unemployed Youth with quality training and livelihood support. There is a perfect example of self-help, of women empowerment, of tribal development in a difficult area.

Director, RSETI B.Deori congratulated Mrs Tana Sumpa for her achievement and expressed that her success story  will inspire many more women and unemployed youths to gain  such quality training and livelihood support in days to come.


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