Itanagar: photography exhibition to commemorate World Photography Day

The exhibition was attended by the students of mass comm. dept. of RGU and St. Claret, Ziro.

ITANAGAR- “A Walk into the Fading Heritage”, an international photography exhibition was held on 19 August 2022 at the Cygnett Inn Trendz, Itanagar. The event was held to commemorate World Photography Day and was organised by the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh in association with dept. of Mass Communication, Rajiv Gandhi University. The exhibition was attended by the students of mass comm. dept. of RGU and St. Claret, Ziro.

The Director IPR, Onyok Pertin in his speech spoke about the significance of photography in preservation and promotion of culture and tradition for the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He also said that he felt grateful that the Vice Chancellor of RGU, could attend as the chief guest of this event while also heartily welcoming the students of Mass Communication from St. Claret College and Rajiv Gandhi University.

The Vice Chancellor of RGU, Prof. Saket Kushwaha, advised the students to always have a contingent plan in their pocket as life is full of adversities. The students who can do this “survive and thrive”, and the old adage of the “survival of the fittest” adheres in such situations, he said.

” Knowing and cherishing the history of things is very important”, he asserted as he took a deep dive into the history of photography. He also said that RGU had created a digital gallery of 52 photos on their website on the topic of partition.

The Vice Chancellor then also elaborated into what he thought was the meaning of the fading heritage topic with an example of how traditional dresses in the state have been diluted with the passing of time. He reminisced about a time when he saw girls in Nyokum performing with white paste on their faces, which is a part of the Galo tradition.

” Photographs also serve as a gateway, which can serve as a time machine for the past”, Prof. Saket Kushwaha said. His main message as he concluded his speech with a tone of motivation for the students was, ” Never be disheartened as a dark night is always followed by a bright day”. As part of the celebration, a traditional attire fashion show was also done by the students of RGU.



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