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Hagrama to take legal action against employees those irregular in duty



By Kanak Chandra Boro

The BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary to take stern action against the employees those remains irregular in the office duty.

In press conference held at Bodoland guest house on Saturday  said that it’s very bad condition in the BTC offices for the over 90 percent employees remain absent in their duty this has come in the focus after the sudden visit of him.

Mohilary mentioned that there are 40 branches in the BTC and over 21 departments of Directorate offices have been visited but the most of the employees were absent and some of them illegally used their presentation. The 21 departments of Directorate offices register book of have been seized for verification after that the legal action would be taken against the foul employees he said.

Biometric machine would be setup within January in all Officiates of BTC for reduce irregularity of the employees.

Direction has been given to BTC Principal Secretary to take action against the office staff.

Mohilary also threaten to engineers and officers those take bribe from public they should be quit from his job. He indicated that the junior engineers and officers of DRDA, PWD, Industry departments


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