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Farmers dharna in support of Bodoland state


Farmers residing in BTAD area has organised a dharna at Dighalipukhri on Saturday  in support of  a separate Bodoland state.


In a press statement issued by the  farmers who took part in the dharna stated that ”  It is a dream and aspiration of Farmers of the Bodoland Region to live with dignity of labour within the new state”.

“The Bodos being the agrarian society, the proposed Bodoland is rich with agricultural produces and that can be the lifeline economy for the people of new state Bodoland. But the Farmers of Bodoland region are also deprived and discriminated from the due share of benefit from Government of India” mentioned in the statement.

Further in the statement it was mentioned that “the state government has no policy to uplift the indigenous farmers of the state for which the  economy of the agro base tribals  are not at par with the other advance society even after the 70 years of Independence.  Therefore, we the farmers have decisive opinion that the equality will not be ensured unless the separate Bodoland state is created and we will not only support the Bodoland movement but also continue our various democratic movement activities till the government of India resolve the issue”

Meanwhile, the farmers expressed thanks to the government of India for arranging the Tripartite Talk in political level on Bodoland Issue in last 26th April 2017.


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