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Assam- ABSU Condemned Silapathar Incident



 ABSU strongly condemn the Silapathar incident and request that the administration must apprehend all the culprits involved in such act of vandalism to AASU office and property, which is communal, rioting and provocative in nature. Further, the administration must prevent such hate rally anywhere in Assam to ensure the protection of the rights of the indigenous. It is the responsibility of the state to protect the indigenous people of this state and every institution of indigenous people of Assam. The state must ensure that any sinister design by some forces to destroy the peace must be immediately tarnished.

On the other ABSU request all the politicians of the State to refrain from making provocative statements for their political gains. However, they have to step in to protect the Political Rights and institutions of the indigenous people of Assam. The state government must take up appropriate initiative to resolve in the state without delay within a stipulated time frame and avoid provocation, which may lead to violence and vandalism in state.

Regarding the new Assam Education Bill 2017, introduced in the Assembly by Assam Govt. in lieu of the defunct provincialization law of 2011; the ABSU after observing the new provisions and changes finds some lacuna that needs to redress the entire problems of venture educational institutions in the state, especially in connection with the Bodo Medium education in state. Much of the problems seem to be not in line to solution, therefore, ABSU demands the state Government must take up consultation or discussion with the stake holder of Bodo Organizations such as, Bodo Sahitya Sabha and All Bodo Students Union before passing of this new bill.


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