Arunachal: Traditional Orator Taba Rayo Passes away

ITANAGAR-  Traditional Orator Taba Rayo s/o great orator late Taba Teki of Takam-Passa village breathed his last on 6th July after prolonged illness at his native home. He was born somewhere around 1932-33.

He inherited his father the renowned priest cum Orator credited with performing highest form of rituals and clan festivals, also did the same as his father except becoming priesthood that he didn’t inherited.

The wisdom and vast knowledge that Rayo possessed were unparallel to many people of his generation.

He is known for his sound knowledge of customary laws and judgement merit on local eases.

He has been also known arbitrator on negotiation of matrimonial relations and transfer of properties.

Hence, the clan feels orphaned on his demise and condole that his soul may rest in peace in heavenly abode. Late Rayo leaves behind (02) wives, (05) sons, (06) daughters and many grandchildren.

His first wife late Likha Yagar expired some years back and also her son late Taba Eram and daughter Late Taba Seth (Techi) too expired following years.


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