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Arunachal Pradesh Raj Bhavan celebrates Nagaland Foundation Day

Governor advised the people of Nagaland in the State to absorb the ethos and trends of Arunachali society

ITANAGAR-   In the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, the Nagaland foundation day was celebrated at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar on 1st December 2023. The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Lt. General KT Parnaik, (Retd.) along with his wife Mrs Anagha Parnaik participated in the celebration of the day with the people from Nagaland, serving or studying in State.


The Governor greeted the people of Nagaland and on behalf of all Arunachali, conveyed good wishes to the Naga brethren. He said that celebration of the foundation of other States is one of the many innovative ideas introduced by the Prime Minister to strengthen the sense of oneness amongst the people of India. It is a magnificent way of integration and it facilitates the people to know each other, creating bonding and amity, he said.

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The Governor recalled his close association with the people of Nagaland as he had served in the State more than 47 years ago during his service life. He also commended the vibrant cultural heritage and traditions, which are hubs of motivation for all.

The Governor extended good wishes to all the participants and advised them to absorb the ethos and trends of Arunachali society. He asked them to carry back good memories when they go back to their State.

Arunachal Pradesh Raj Bhavan celebrates Nagaland Foundation Day

As part of the celebration, Naga students and professionals presented a colourful cultural programme on the occasion. Ms C Shamthai and Ms. Aloli Assumi presented a Sumi Phom song ‘Oishe Oshore Kahvangi thehila’. Students of NERIST presented a Skit ‘Jina and & Etiben’. ‘Jina and Etiben’ is an Ao Naga folktale about two lovers from Mopungchuket who were tragically separated due to the differences in their social status. A display of Naga attire, showcasing the rich and vibrant tradition and culture of Nagaland was presented by NERIST students.

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At the initiative of the Governor, students and teachers from different schools were invited to be part of the celebration to promote the spirit of nationalism amongst the young minds.


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