Arunachal: NEHRO expresses concern over dumping of Solid Waste near River Nao Dhing

NAMSAI-   Northeast Human Rights Organisation (NEHRO) has expressed concern over the dumping of Solid waste in the floodplains of River Nao Dhing in Namsai since last few years.

Buteng Tayeng, Secretary NEHRO, In a letter to DC Namsai, raised the issue of the dumping of  solid waste by the Department of Urban Development & Housing, Namsai Division has become a source of immense pollution of nearby river Nao Dhing, soil and ground water.

Bring it to the notice of district administration, NEHRO  wrote  ”  if the above mentioned waste is not removed immediately from the ecologically fragile  floodplains, it may cause water borne diseases to residents of nearby population and also pose a health risk for rivers and those living downstream.

In the latter it is also mentioned that ” The concerned authorities are allowing unscientific and unhygienic disposal of solid waste at any unauthorized location thereby threatening the ecology of the  area and health of the residents”.

Meanwhile, NEHRO in it’s latter requested  the district administration for providing a scientifically approved waste segregation and disposal site for Old Ghat Road which are affecting the dweller of Old Ghat area in Namsai.

The Concerned authorities should make arrangements for recycling, reuse, composting, biomethanization, or any other scientifically- topographically suitable process for waste reduction and disposal, NEHRO requested.


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