Arunachal: MMJRMC conducts social service at Mikong WRC field in Pasighat

PASIGHAT- While showing and living up to the pressing demands of people of Mikong village under Bilat circle whose WRC fields were ravaged by floods in the previous years, the Mirem Mikong Jonai Road monitoring committee (MMJRMC) from 37th Pasighat West Assembly Constituency here in East Siang district conducted a social service at Mikong WRC field areas on Saturday to protect paddy fields and agricultural lands from further erosion and destruction caused due to unruly nature and change of river course at Peneng river.

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The team excavated and realigned the old Peneng river course from Pirlung canal (nalah) point to Nebuk canal point (nalah-mukh). The team also constructed embankment and protection works at various locations like Peneng river bridge point, Kekeng Ejing WRC field, Atem Messar WRC field and excavated the old Peneng river course at Kaling Messar WRC field. MMJRMC also excavated river alignment at Nebuk canal (nalah point) while constructing embankment and protection works to stop further erosion and damages caused due to unruly changes of river course.

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It is to be noted here that, the raging waves and turbulent current of Peneng river completely damaged WRC fields, canals (nalah-mukh) and tore apart it’s normal course in Pirlung area and caused massive damages to standing crops and agricultural lands in Mikong area during last monsoon rain. The uncontrollable nature of Peneng river especially during monsoon season has caused massive havoc to Mikong WRC fields since decades.

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The team MMJRMC was led by Jacob Paron, President who arranged all logistics and management for the social service. “The team engaged power machines like Fokland, Excavators JCB (Back hoe loader), Dumpers and Tractors and completed the task in war footing starting from dawn till dusk) and due to its mammoth task, the operation was named as Operation Suez canal”, informed Jacob Paron.

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As per MMJRMC, several people whose WRC fields are affected are Kekeng Ejing, Tani Padung, Kaling Messar, Atem Messar, Tage Messar, Kaling Dai, Tason Dupak, Tajing Messar (junior), Ripak Padung, Tabit Siram, Takong Taga, Tarin Modi, Namtek Taga, Robinson Ering, Tajing Modi, Talom Ejing, Neyi Takoh, Onong Dupak, Tagom Dupak, Tamat Yosung, Talik Riyang, Takut Padung, Tapun Messar, Takong Taboh, Tabin Padun among many others.

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The daylong mega social service was supervised by Gemin Modi, Tajing Messar, Tommy Paron, Ajong Talom, Sanju Tatan, Raj Dupak and Advt. Elijah Taying, informed sources from MMJRMC. The major voluntary help extended to the people of Mikong village whose WRC fields were adversely affected by unruly floods were deeply appreciated by the WRC field owners and said that such kind works of MMJRMC will set an example for others also in future.


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