Arunachal: Dorjee Wangdi Kharma visits Rupa CHC

RUPA-   To improve healthcare facilities in the region, MLA-Kalaktang  Dorjee Wangdi Kharma recently (Sunday last) paid a visit to Community Health Center(CHC) Rupa, West Kameng to assess the hospital’s requirements and interact with both the staff and patients. The visit comes as part of the MLA’s ongoing efforts to ensure quality healthcare services for the constituents.

During the visit, MLA Kharma toured various departments of the hospital, engaging in candid conversations with medical professionals, administrative staff, and patients. The MLA took note of the challenges faced by the hospital and the needs of its staff and patients, promising to address them at the legislative level.


Accompanied by a team of healthcare experts and government officials, PRL leaders, Kharma inspected the equipment and infrastructure, reviewed patient records, and hold discussions with doctors, nurses, and supporting staff. By actively listening to the concerns and suggestions of those working on the front lines, the MLA gained firsthand insights into the strengths and areas that require improvement.

“I am committed to ensuring that our healthcare institutions have the necessary resources and support to deliver the best possible care to our community,” said MLA . Stating that he added, “This visit was an opportunity for me to directly understand the challenges faced by the both  hospital and patients as well as  identify areas where I can contribute to improving the overall healthcare experience for everyone.”

The MLA also took the opportunity to meet with patients and their families, lending an empathetic ear to their experiences and concerns. This personal interaction allowed MLA to grasp the issues faced by individuals seeking medical attention and to gauge the effectiveness of the hospital’s services.

Meanwhile, in a separate event, MLA also holds a public meeting with the public at a Rupa-based resort and discussed various issues pertaining to the development activities. More than 300 people participated in the meeting and shared their views for a vibrant Rupa as well as for a vibrant Kalaktang constituency as a whole.


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