Another YouTuber Arrested For Flying Dog With Hydrogen Balloons In Video


NEW DELHI:   A Delhi-based YouTuber  Gaurav Sharma has been arrested for making his pet dog float up in the air by tying hydrogen balloons on its back. The man, whose channel is called “GauravZone”, had recently uploaded the video which created huge outrage online.

In the video ( which was deleted ) the YouTuber sits on top of a four-wheeler in a narrow street and flies Dollar ( his pet dog )  up in the air using hydrogen balloons. The dog is seen floating up to  a balcony on the second floor of a building.

He was quick enough to remove the video soon after receiving complaints by animal rights organisations. A complaint has been lodged against the accused at the Malviya Nagar police station in Delhi after members of People For Animal (PFA) found out the video and raised an issue.

However , Three days ago, he had put out an apology video, explaining why he deleted the ‘flying dog’ video. He said he had taken “all safety measures” before flying his pet.

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