ACF raises voice against the govt decision to create separate department for indigenous faith and cultural affairs



The Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) on Friday  has demanded the government to roll back its decision to create a separate department for indigenous faith and cultural affairs within October 25 next, while threatening to resort to democratic means of protest to seek justice for Christian community.

In a press conference held this afternoon at press club, General Secretary, ACF, Toko Teki while terming the move as violation of Article 27 of the constitution has alleged that the decision had created unrest among the Christian communities in the state.

Teki asserted that India being a secular country, it was  clearly  written under the constitution that the any governing body or state cannot  patronize or promote any single religion using tax money for promotion, which will divide the community on religious line.

Clarifying that the ACF is not against the indigenous faith, Vice president of Nyishi Baptist Church Council, Toko Kach said that when there is an Art & culture department to look after the indigenous people interest and to preserve indigenous faith & culture then why government is unnecessary creating another separate department investing the tax money.

 “We knows that state government did not intentionally created the department, but it is the handiwork of ruling party’s ideological mentor, who are instigating friction between communities,” he alleged while adding that it  would not let any “injustice” happen to the community and will continue fight for their right and equality.

Recalling the Chief Minister, Pema Khandu assurance to uphold religious freedom and communal harmony in the state, President of Arunachal Christian revival church council, Reverent Dr. Nyokdo Tassar has expressed shock that despite several requests the government arbitrarily came up with the idea to create the department.

Tassar urged the government to ensure that there is complete freedom of religions in the state and initiate immediate concrete measures to alleviate tensions and protect fundamental rights of Christian community.


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