Itanagar: Don’t Fall Prey To Rising Menace of online fraud through social media- SP Capital

ITANAGAR-  Don’t Fall prey of online fraud through social media platform and waste huge money, said Jimmy Chiram, SP, Itanagar Capital Region.


Speaking to this correspondent , SP Chiram said that ‘many reports of online fraud are being reported in Itanagar capital region (ICR) and many educated people has been victim of such online fraud through facebook and WhatsAap’.  He said This is a new modus operandi of online fraud using Facebook.

Fraudster would create a fake account (copy) of original account using one’s profile picture thereby impersonate himself to be the original account holder. He would then sends friend request targeting mainly to those who are already in the friend list of original account. Once friend request is accepted, he starts casual chatting through Facebook Messenger, later he would request to transfer some amount of money giving any reason like on medical cases. He said.

They would suggest transferring the money via e-wallet such as PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM etc. In some cases, they impersonated police officers so as to make people compelled to believe it a real one. SP said.

In order to avoid becoming Victim of such fraud, it is advised that first verify and then accept any friend request, verify before any money is to be transferred to such friend through online. Never share Bank Registered Mobile Number to any suspicious person and the most important is never share the OTP. SP said.

Nabbing of such fraudsters are becoming very difficult. So remain alert and do not fall prey to such fraud and waste your money. He said.

‘Prevention is better than Cure ‘ SP added.

Meanwhile, Capital police sources inform that a review meeting of capital police was held on Wednesday at Capital SP Office at Ganga and discussed various issue of details of ongoing cases, pending cases and investigation under progress and disposal of various cases and fast track investigation in all cases.


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