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Assam: Possible collaboration between University of Leeds, UK and Royal Global University


University of Leeds, UK and Royal Global University (RGU) discussed in depth the possibilities of signing a MOU for the purpose of student exchange, enhancing teaching, learning & research experience of students and faculty of both the Institutions and facilitating joint collaborative research works between students, faculty & staff of the two institutions.

Prof. Leon Black and Dr Salim Barbhuiya, University of Leeds interacted with Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) A.K.Buragohain, Chairperson(Academics), Mr. Ankur Pansari, Executive Vice President, Prof.(Dr.). B.Banerjee, Dean(i/c)RSET and other faculty on 13 June 2019.

Prof. Leon Black opined that the world being a global entity today, internationalization is the need of the hour to exchange knowledge and break academic boundaries. Academic barriers of yore like authors citing own-country authors in research work, etc., needs to change and international research needs newer avenues and exchange of global ideas.

He further stated that a MOU plays an important academic role in mutually benefitting both institutions where the confluence of cultures, heritage, language, ideas creates a pathway for the world library. Adding on, Prof.(Dr.) S.P.Singh stated that Northeast being naturally blessed with a diverse bio diversity and cultures, a MOU can further strengthens the respect, bond and responsibility to hand hold each other to newer academic heights.

Talented students will reap benefits from exposure at UK, imbibing and implementing their new knowledge in various platforms. It is only through exchange and collaboration that academic quality can be maintained.

Prof.(Dr.) A.K.Buragohain stated that it is the ideal ground for the West to meet the East as very often seen with the exchange of students.

 Foreign university collaboration is the need of the hour, whether in West or East. Various commonwealth schemes, Government schemes can be explored to have international students in campus pursuing in different departments to start teaching learning at various levels and Northeast can facilitate in this area.

Presentations were given by the Department of Civil Engineering, RSET and also by University of Leeds for collaboration in common areas.

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