Arunachal: Search Operation for Tapi Mra and Niku Dao continues

Helicopter Search and Rescue team continues to remain on standby at Seppa on a 30 mins notice to induct directly to Take Base Camp.....

ITANAGAR/ TEZPUR-  The search and rescue team so far has not been able to locate and rescue missing Tapi Mra, the first mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh to conquer Mount Everest and his associate Niku Dao.

Mra, who conquered Mount Everest in 2009, has remained missing after he made his fourth attempt to scale snow-capped Mount Kyarisatam, which is Arunachal Pradesh’s highest peak.

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“On the third day of its challenging foot journey, Group 1 made progress short of Yarchum. However, due to extremely inclement weather, party could not cross the confluence of Kameng River & Wapriyang Bung,” Defence spokesperson of Gajaraj Corps, Lt Col A S Walia said.

“Tomorrow morning, the party will be establishing an improvised, 30-metre wide crossing, using their expert mountaineering and river crossing skills,” Walia said.

“This will be the most challenging part of the foot induction route. Group 2 has also successfully reached Longchu on its first day of induction,” he said.


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“Helicopter Search and Rescue team continues to remain on standby at Seppa on a 30 mins notice to induct directly to Take Base Camp & commence its search mission in the area of Camp 2,” he also said.

“Tomorrow, Group 1 will continue to march forward to Yarchum. To support the effort of Group 1, Group 2 will follow behind and reach Korongtung, as per plan,” he added.

Reportedly, Capt Longjam Posy Singh of 11 Para (Special Force) is leading the search and rescue team having eight other officers including five junior commissioned officers along with three mountaineers – Tame Bagang, Tagit Sorang and Taro Hai.

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However, the foot-based search and rescue operation team has successfully moved to the forward locations as per plan, East Kameng deputy commissioner Pravimal Abhishek Polumatia informed on Sunday.

“Continuous rain is making it very challenging for the foot-based team to make progress in the hilly terrain,” Polumatia said.

Polumatia said Rajib Chiduni, ADC-cum-Incident Commander and Ashok Tajo, nodal officer (planning and logistics) visited Veo village to take stock of all the arrangements and address the gaps.


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