Arunachal: Indian Army and Digaru Mishmis celebrates Tamla-Du in Anjaw

ANJAW-  Troops of Spear Corps celebrated ‘Tamla-Du’ festival along with the Digaru Mishmi community from 13 to 15 Feb at Anjaw District of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tamla-Du festival is one of the popular festivals celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh by the Digaru Mishmis. It is celebrated on 15 Feb every year and includes offering of prayers to Mother Nature and display of traditional Tanggong Dance. The festival also spreads messages of unity and gaiety amongst the inhabitants.

On the occasion of 51st Tamla-Du festival, the troops of Indian Army participated by showcasing various cultural dance & martial art forms incl “Bhangra” of Punjab, “Kalaripayattu” of Kerala. In addition a Army Band and Weapon Display was also conducted at Khoraliang Tamla-Du Ground, Tezu. Over 1200 people witnessed the cultural events organized on 15 February.

The energy of the participating troops motivated the youth to join the profession of Armed forces.

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