Arunachal: ABKWW launches new traditional Gasor (towel) and Gapet (handkerchief)  for Adis

Filmmaker Darbom Tayeng and state weaver Maloni Lego felicitated

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- The Adi Baane Kebang Women Wing (ABKWW ) which have been putting all out effort to revive the lost traditional dresses and wears of Adi tribe after the onset of modernity, today launched its traditional towel called ‘Gasor’ and handkerchief ‘Gapet’ in a formal ABKWW meeting at Roing, Dibang Valley in the presence of Dy. Commissioner, Lower Dibang Valley, Kesang Ngurup Damo, ZPC Lower Dibang Valley, Obang Ngupok, ABK Patron, Bassu Perme, senior citizen cum public leader Kirbo Tayeng, ABK patron Tinam Tayeng Lego and ABKWW Chief Adviser, Yani Taying Taloh and others.

While launching the traditional Gasor and Gapet, ABKWW President, Olen Megu Damin and General Secretary, Opak Takuk Ering said that the aim and objective behind the ceremonial launching of the traditional wears are to revive and popularize the lost traditional dresses and wears of the Adis as these wearing/garments of Adis have almost got lost after the coming of modernity in the state.

“Our Adis have been using Assamese Gamosa during presentation and other occasions instead of using own traditional garments which often created a kind of confusion among the visitors of other states as others often thought the Adis also uses the same Gamosas of Assamese.

Hence, we have come up with our own towel and handkerchief by reviving the lost wears of the Adis which was used and worn by the forefathers of the Adis in the early days”, added Olen Megu Damin who is playing a proactive role in reviving the lost traditional wears and dresses of the Adis including recent time launching of marriage mark ‘Kongge and Kopung” for both married men and women of Adis.

During the ceremonial launching of Gasor and Gapet, the team ABKWW also felicitated renowned Adi filmmaker and director cum script writer, Darbom Tayeng and statewide famous weaver, Mrs Maloni Lego in recognition of their social contribution toward the Adis.

Darbom Tayeng, who have produced, directed and scripted hit Adi films like ‘Yelam Rine’ and ‘Aying Apong’ have played a pivotal role in highlighting and addressing the social issues concerning the general masses like communal disharmony among the Adis due to hatred out of religious differences and destroying of social and family lives due to intoxication of Indian Made Foreign Liquor.

Tayeng’s scripted and directed newly released film ‘Roing-the Valley of love and brotherhood’ produced by Dature Miuli also received huge accolades due to his effort for communal harmony between Adi and Idu Mishmi tribes of Lower Dibang Valley. While Maloni Lego who received state’s 1st best handloom weaver award in the year 2019-20 from the department of Textile and Handicraft, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh on 7th August 2020 at Itanagar was also felicitated for bringing laurel to the Adi community.

ABKWW’s initiative to revive the lost traditional wears like Gasor and Gapet was highly admired by KN Damo, DC Lower Dibang Valley, ZPC Obang Ngupok, Bassu Perme, Mibom Pertin, Gaon Burah, Ranpok Yirang, Sande Perme, Olik Modi, Tinam Tayeng Lego, Yani Taying Taloh all of whom spoke in appreciation of the ABKWW and appealed for using and wearing of own traditional wears. Obang Ngupok, ZPC Lower Dibang Valley also extended a financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- to the team ABKWW for carrying out of more such good work for the larger interest of the Adis.


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