Arunachal: 7 Prisoners escape from Judicial jail Pasighat by injuring 5 guards

Police launches manhunt against fleeing UTPs

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- In an incident of shocking the police personnel guarding the Judicial Jail, Pasighat this evening, 7 Under Trial Prisoners out of 94,  escaped from the jail by attacking and hurling chilly-salt to the guards manning the jail at around 6.20 PM when jail lock-up was opened for dinner/evening meal.

When asked about the incident, Head Constable, Balom Koyu, Guard Commander and H/C RK Kambhari, 2nd Guard Commander of the Judicial lockup informed that the 7 UTPs namely Abhijit Gogoi, Taro Hamam, Kalom Apang, Talum Panying, Subash Mondal, Raja Tayeng and Dani Gamlin attacked the guards suddenly by punching and blows when UPTs cell were opened for evening meal. The fleeing 7 UTPs who are said to be very notorious also threw chili pepper and salt on 2nd Guard Commander, RK Kambhari who was making an entry on the register for next day producing UTPs in the court.

In the attack, H/C Rajesh Lego was badly injured on head, possibly hit by using the lock of the cell and his mobile phone was also snatched away by the UPTs. Apart from RK Kambhari and Rajesh Lego other guards injured are H/C, O. Taying, H/C, Tago Tatung and H/C, Tapi Tali. All the injured 5 guards were taken for immediate medical check-up and are given medication.

Meanwhile, an FIR was lodged against all 7 UTPs this evening and East Siang, Pasighat police have also launched a manhunt against the 7 fleeing UTPs. Police and IRBn personnel of the district were seen operating and cordoning off all the possible exit points at 2 Mile, Raneghat, Sille, Ruksin, Mebo check-gates. Tapang Tatak, Dy. Supt. of Police informed that manhunt has already begun and fleeing UTPs are likely to be re-arrested soon as the possibilities of UTPs fleeing out from the township is difficult in view of prevailing curfew from 3 PM to 5 AM due to prevalent covid crisis.

It is worth mentioning here that, judicial jail Pasighat needs more personnel/guards to control the UTPs from various crime records. As of now only 10 guards including the 1st Guard Commander and 2nd Guard Commander are manning the jail where several UTPs are locked up. As per the jail guards, the cruelty of UTPs were also informed to the judge of CJM/Session Court, Pasighat some days ago after which the judge is said to have told the guards to inform the higher authorities of the jail.



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