Mother-son on “India Darshan” on 20-years-old scooter

D Krishna Kumar (41) took off on his 20-year-old scooter with his 70-year-old mother, Choodarathna, to fulfil her dream of India Darshan.


By Manoj Singh 

The famous mother-son of Karnataka who are on India darshan (pilgrimage) on a 20-year old scooter has reached Itanagar on 2nd Oct. as part of their pilgrimage.

D Krishna Kumar, a 41 years old ex-marketing official and his mother Choodarathna are on a journey across India on a 20-year old scooter, having started their journey from Mysore on January 16 last year.  Since then, both have travelled 47,370 kilometres so far in a period of one year and nine months.

Having travelled to other North Eastern states as well, the due said that they are amazed by the diversity and culture and more importantly impressed with the care and hospitality, they have encountered in their journey.

They have travelled to Tawang and the duo will head towards Ziro and later to Aalo and Khonsa.

D Krishna said that ” he decided to take his mother on a journey after he learnt his mother had not travelled much outside home, not even been to Belur Halebeedu temple which is just two hours from their hometown.

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While interacting with the media persons here at APC, Kumar said, “You have to understand the value of your parents while they are alive and treat them with love and compassion.”

He further appealed to all the young people to atleast spear 30 minutes in a day for parents to speak and mingle with them.

The 70 years old mother said that she is lucky to have son like Kumar in the age. She urged upon the people to treat their parents with care and love, stating that it is what the parents want the most.

Describing the various places she has travelled so far on the old scooter, she said that she has never faced any discomfort along the journey.

Having travelled to Sela Pass and other high altitude places on the scooter, she said that she has no space to experience any discomfort due to the care and love her son has been showing to her. She added that she finds strength from the love and care shown by her son.

Similarly, she requested everyone to shower love on parents while they are alive, stating that happy state of mind can be a big health boast for any elderly person.

When asked of the North East region and the experience they have encountered in the region, Kumar said that both are well impressed with the care and hospitality of the people. He further stated they are impressed with the diverse culture and prestige landscape of the region.

“During the course of our journey, we abstain from accepting gifts, money and other materials things. Many have offered help in the form of money and gift but we politely reject it,” said Kumar stating that they only take shelter from people wherever they go.

He added that he has saved amount from his salary in his mother’s account and informed that from that amount they use for refueling the old scooter.

Stating that the scooter was bought for him by his father before he left this world, he said that the duo always carry the memory of his father wherever they go. “We always have him in our hearts and therefore we feel that he is also with us in this journey,” added Kumar.

He further informed that once they complete their journey, they plan to go to New Delhi and meet with PM Narendra Modi.



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