Arunachal: Mebo Dhola Road cut off from Seram village side

PASIGHAT-  Yet again the lifeline of Lower Mebo (Monggu-Banggo) under Mebo Sub-Division was snapped off day before yesterday due to major soil erosion toward the left bank side of Siang river due to flooding.

The same Mebo-Dhola road was also washed off from two locations last year at New Borguli area in between New Borguli and Seram and toward Namsing village side in between Kongkul and Namsing village. The two washed off portions are presently used by constructing alternative bypass roads near Borguli and Namsing village.

The washed off portion at Seram village this year’s monsoon is also constructed as an alternative road by the PWD. If rains continue and erosion takes place further by another rise of water level more portion of road is likely to be eroded.

However, due to halting of rain from two days water level in Siang River is receding and people are praying for stopping of more incessant rain in order to stop soil erosion.


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