Arunachal: BJP led State Govt is hatching a bigger Conspiracy behind Kimin fiasco- APCC FFT

ITANAGAR-     The fact finding team (FFT)of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today stated that ” the BJP led State Govt is hatching a bigger Conspiracy behind Kimin fiasco”. The team led by  Techi Tegi Tara, Chaiperson FFT cum VP, APPC visited the Kimin Sub Divisional HQ ,Papumpare District Arunachal Pradesh where the “White Paste controversial” 20 KM Kimin-Potin road constructed by Border Road Organisation (BRO) was inaugurated by Rajnath Singh  ,Defence Minister of India recently.

Techi Tegi Tara  stated that ” The inauguration programme of  kimin-potin road was held  under the revenue jurisdiction of Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner, GoAP. Whereas the Bilgarh, Assam as announced in the BRO Road inauguration programme itenary is approxamtely 17 kilometres away from the “zero-point of kimin-potin road” which is adjacent to office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Kimin, GoAP.

Tara further stated that ” despite of protest from the public  the covering of  old sign board and Foundation Stone where it has written  Kimin Arunachal Pradesh was willfully done and  shown as under the Assam territory by BRO” .

Chief Minister  of Arunachal Pradesh had meeting  with Brigadier AS Chonker, Chief Engineer i/c ProjectArunank  of BRO three days  prior to  KIMIN-POTIN road inauguration. In such circumstances , CM would have known all the foul play, Chairman FFT stated .

In his statement Tara also mentioned the most important thing  that ” In view of the visit of Union Defence Minister  to Arunachal Pradesh,  the Arunachal Police Department  were not in the scene of arrangements of security for VVIPs,  regulating traffic ,Public gathering, maintain law and order etc.

The APCC-fact finding team  is convinced that it  definitely  has ill motive to convert undisputed  Kimin HQ to disputed area and also  to fuel the  boundary tension between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam especially when  territorial dispute case of the two state  is lying subjuidice at supreme Court. The case is at “Evidence Stage” and  the very act of ‘White paste” of old Sign board is unauthorised interference and alteration to cause damage to Arunachal Pradesh. A Proper investigation must be done and booked the culprits as per law of the land, Stated the chairman of FFT.

Tara also allaged in his statement that ” the Statements issued by BRO to Yupia DC and media  is just an eye wash. BRO is a planted pawn of bigger Conspiracy.  There is hidden unlawful motive with harmful purposes. Hence, by considering the entire fiasco, it is clear that the act of BRO , Union Defence Minister, Sports &Youth Minister and Chief Minister of AP has undermined the States  Federal Structure System and  violated Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Act, 1987, and it is also intruding State subject by disregarding the Constitution of India which create disharmony between  Assam-Arunachal Pradesh. And the very act of the four  has incited hatred amongst Assam-Arunachal Pradesh public which is crime under the law of the land, Tara stated.

Meanwhile the APCC also demands for explanation call from  Defence Minister, Govt. of India , Sports & Youth Minister, Govt of India and Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

The party also demands that the foundation  stone of Kimin-potin Road inauguration and Subansiri Gate at  RTC-ITBP to be replaced with new stone plate where  name of KIMIN, District Papumpare, ARUNACHAL PRADESH be inserted and  the inter-State Police Check Gate/Post  to be relocated from present location to forest Check Gate/ Welcome Gate for the safety of Kimin Town.

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