World Vasectomy Day Fortnight


As a part of observation of World Vasectomy Day Fortnight from 21st November to 4th December, 2016 by East Kameng District Health Society, a team led by Dr. Kapu Sopin organised a series of awareness campaigns on male permanent sterilization programme at various places of the district. The campaigns were organized particularly at village level with an objective to generate mass awareness and cover more and more ill-informed villagers. The campaign covered all total 27 villages falling under the three blocks of the district, viz, Bana, Pakoti and Sebibo.

World Vasectomy Day FortnightDuring the campaigns, Dr Sopin illustrated about male sterilization, its procedure and advantages, and family planning. He allayed misconception about the sterilization programme. He explained that the method is safe and detached of any complication. He impressed upon that a person can live a healthy life like any other normal person after the vasectomy. He informed that there is no cost attached with the vasectomy process. Operation can be done free of cost. He also informed about other health benefits provided by the government.

Taking part in the campaigns, DANO Dr S K Suman talked about the village health programmes besides family planning programme. He also illustrated about the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, nutritional diets and proper method of hand wash.

Large number of villagers, PRI members, ASHAs, AWWs, health staffs and others have attended and benefitted from the campaign.


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