Where is the Social Distancing? Lockdown Violated As Crowd Gathers To Buy Chicken inside Civil Secretariat Campus

Some videos and photos  of the incident went viral on social media, and sharing in whatsaap groups.

Itanagar-  Defying the social distancing guidelines for preventing spread of COVID-19, large number of employees  gathered to buy chicken (meat) in civil secretariat campus on Wednesday.  Some videos and photos  of the incident went viral on social media, and sharing in whatsaap groups.

A senior officer of the AP Civil secretariat said that it was really very shameful and we never aspect at least from our employees what they did today violating the social distancing norms only to buy chicken (meat). It may give a wrong message to others.

One employee said that during the 1st lockdown the vehicle of fishery department was quite ok and employees enjoyed the opportunity and those who buy fish have maintain proper social distancing but today it was quite different and everyone were in hurry. However it was good that the rate of the chicken today was Rs. 180 /- per kg.

Secretary (General Administration & District administration ) Sadhana Deori when contacted said that it was a sad day, our employees should have not done in that way. They may put us also in risk and they miss the opportunity to get fresh chicken today by violating the social distancing norms.

Narrating the incident, Secretary inform that the department of Animal husbandry, Dairy Development, Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery and Veterinary give preference to the employees to have opportunity to buy items and products of their department first,  this was specially managed for the government employees who do not get sufficient time for marketing as most of them are busy in Covid-19 duty and some to them are engaged otherwise for performing other essential duty of the department and government.

But as and when I got the information of the violation of the social distancing norms in the campus by the Dy. SP Security and ordered for immediate removal of the vehicle from the campus. She added.


Secretary (GA) further said that everybody is equally responsible and they should cooperate in fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and every one are also equally responsible to abide by the advisory of the health department, local administration, state government and Ministry of Home Affairs.  The guidelines and advisory are for our betterment and safety and we should also equally reciprocate and also educate others so that everyone remain safe.

We are still in green zone and such act of employees may expose the system and may get into risk and appeal all section of society to maintain social distancing and use mask on all occasion when they are out of house if there is any emergency to attend the important works.


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