The LaI Ane, A virgin Valley of Arunachal Pradesh

It is a Hidden Treasure of Papum Pare district

By Gollo Nagu Nguri ———- The land of rich pristine and serenity of the natural enchanting land scape, with vast beautiful of catchment areas of rivers , streams, rivulets, hills and Mountains. On winter the mountain and valleys itself covered by snow. You will lose yourself in its unopened treasure and forget the outside world. Here are details.

A virgin valley far away from the hustle and bustle of human habitation which could be turned into an attraction for nature lovers and adventure tourist alike.

Lal Ane a flat virgin valley of Arunachal Pradesh spread over 21 km in length and 6.5 km in width in the Lal Ane mountain range, is situated at an altitude of about 12,000 feet above sea level and locate around 30 km from Mengio circle of papum pare district. It has alpine meadows and remains snow-capped fron November to March.

The valley is a repository of varied flora and fauna. The mountain range has rich vegetation, including tall to Dwarf Rhododendron (Tugrung Apung), Aconitum (Amiou), Allium hooker (Ditte), Swerita ( Nimae Rangke) and various bamboo species, like Arundinaria, Chimnobambusa callosa and sinandinaria.

Natural in Lal Ane is in its most unparalleled form, with numerous plants, Orchid species and Rhododendrons blooming in the wilderness.

The peak is the catchment area of panior (Ranga in P/pare) river, Pach (towards East Kaming), Panyi (towards kurung kumey) and parang (sagale). The peak in Lal Ane, which houses may wild animals, remains under cloud cover most of the time. But under a clear sky, its present a panoramic views of Kurung Kumey and East Kameng district.

The best time to view the surrounding peaks and the great Himalayan range is in the morning hours before 10 o’ clock during November March. The night temperature during November-December is 2-4 degrees Celsius and the daytime temperature during this period is 2-6 degrees Celsius.

The rich fauna reportedly includes the Himalayan Black Bear (Sutum), Monkey (Sibbi), porcupine, wild goats (siv), Tiger (Pattey) wild Boars, Tragopan, Grosbeaks, white Eagle, Snake (pit viper, tits etc). A thorough investigation could help find the existence of other groups, both amphibians and reptilians.

Interestingly, the area itself is believed to be home to invisible men (Mig-Mire) by the local people. The house-like flat rock formations found in the area are believe to be their houses. Lal Ane is another Shangri-la in the land of the Rising Sun, and will definitely draw nature lover from far and wide if forest and tourism developments showcase its potential to the outside word in the right perspective.

The Committee of Lal Ane community reserved area (LACRA) and inhabitants locality are seeking and appealing to tourism department of state and center for attention and development of transportation and means of communication for the growth of economic.

I would like to request all the readers to share these information so that this place gets the attention its requires.

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