Teaching of Tai Khampti scripts begins


The teaching of revised tonal Tai Khampti scripts has begun here at Kongmu Kham today. The long dream and aspiration of the people has come true and been fulfilled. 

Teaching of Tai Khampti scripts begins

The Tai Khampti Singpho Council extends warm greetings to the team TKLC and TKH&LS headed by Ven. Vimalatissa, the abbot of Kongmu Kham and Chow Kalingna Mannoi and Sri CM Mongmaw, for their untiring works to make it happen. Our special gratitude goes to Sri Chowna Mein, Dy.CM of Arunachal, who has been always a guiding force and torch bearer towards this endeavor. The Council and the entire tai people in general would remain indepted to all of them for this noble work and the priceless gift to us.

All, young and old, man and woman are welcomed to take the advantage and learn it, as a mark of humble beginning towards upholding and pushing forward our rich culture and tradition.


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