Tawang Garrison Organised Weapons Display for Students


In pursuance of the Indian army’s endeavour to generate goodwill among the local populace of Tawang and further fortify the confidence in good intent of Indian army & showcasing capabilities and the equipment.

Tawang Garrison Organised Weapons Display for StudentsA “Weapons Display” was organized by the troops of Tawang Garrison to provide requisite stimuli and motivation to students for joining the army. The excited lot was that of school children whose glee was evident on their faces and eagerness to visit every stall.

 A total of seventeen stalls displayed various weapons and equipment with requisite information. An educative booth was set up to guide the youth, about career options in the Armed forces for various age groups.

A vivid pipe band display and performances of “Chhau dance” were organized. In addition games and sumptuous food stalls were also set up to cater for the taste buds.

The initiative of “Weapons Display” was received with great enthusiasm among the local populace, students from various age groups as well as the eminent citizens of Tawang town. They have expressed gratitude and requested for more of such display.



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