Solid Waste Management plant at Chimpu stop functioning


The Solid Waste Management Plant located at Chimpu is stop functioning within a month after it was inaugurated  recently  and it is reportedly not functioning for last more than a week.

IMC Engineer, C Raju informed the arunachal24 ,  that recently the Urban Development had handed over the solid waste plant Chimpu to Itanagar Municipal Council on July 19 last. The project was handed over on certain condition that M/S Andersan Pvt. Ltd, Shillong, Meghalaya who is executing agency/renderer will run and perform the plant for next three moth successfully and impart training to the staffs of IMC for successful functioning of the said plant in future but it have not been materialised Raju said.

Raju further said that if the staffs are being trained then the IMC staffs will be able to perform the duty and can run the plant of its own.  The IMC have been starting  door to door garbage collection with segregate at source  for which tender is under process. Once tender process  is completed for all 30 wards of the IMC capital complex right from Chimpu to Banderdewa by the agency who so ever win the tender would segregate the garbage at source into bio-degradable and non bio-degradable Raju said.

Bio-degradable will be dumped at MSW plant at Chimpu for recycling process to convert manure and non bio-degradable shall be separately shall be transported and dumped at landfield site at Chimpu which is located 1 KM distance from the plant. He said that for successful implementation of door to door garbage collection and segregation at source it is a duty and responsibility of citizens to sincerely cooperate IMC and garbage civic collection fees which have been fixed by the government Raju added

About non functioning of plant Raju said that during handing taking of the plant from UD to IMC few vehicle at project site was also handed over which were in bad condition  and out of four vehicle few are off road while JCB and loader is off the road which need repairing and maintenance which would be done shortly


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