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Security tightened around IAF’s Chabua air base


Security has been tightened around Indian Air Force station at Chabua in Assam’s Dibrugarh district following intelligence inputs about threats to the air base, a police official said.

Following the Pathankot terror attack, police has received certain inputs which need to be corroborated and confirmed in consultation with various agencies and security forces but security has been tightened around the airbase. official said today.

“Security measures are being taken accordingly by the police, Army and IAF so that any unwarranted situation may be avoided,” . The IAF has restricted entry of casual workers in the base. The identity of these workers who are engaged for various works by contractors are cross checked and verified,” sources at Chabua airbase said.

Chabua is a key base of the IAF and it has the latest airplanes including the Sukhoi-30 MKi and Chetak helicopters. Chabua is also known as the ‘eastern bastion’ of the IAF which was built in 1939 and used through the war by allied forces in support of the Chinese against the invading Japanese forces.

The station has served as a major supply point for the troops deployed in Arunachal Pradesh with various transport aircraft and helicopters operating from the base.

It then took on a training role as MIG-21 were based here training young fighter pilots and providing air defence to the region.


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