RKMMS brings “Achche din” through the Cultivation of Large Cardamom


Manmao ( Changlang )

By Arup Kumar Choudhury 

People of Ranghill, Barsatum, Hetman, Sasum I & II are basically agriculturists and they practice jhum. They had no other source of income. They could not think of producing something commercially although they have land in abundance in want of road communication. Still they are to walk 2 days to reach the bus terminus located at Manmao. They used to produce whatever they required for their day to day life. They were rich in land and livestock but cash less which was the hindrance for educating their children properly, health care and other facilities as other common people. They were born and lived to live due to inaccessibility.


The district of Changlang is inhabited by the people of Tangsa, Singpho and Nocte tribes. Manmao – the hilly area is a circle of the Changlang district which is inhabited by the Tangsas only. The Tangsas are basically agriculturists. They are peace loving and shy in nature. The rough hilly terrain which is also known as the part of Patkai hills are still not accessible by motor have made the Tangsas of this area laborious and enduring.  Altitude of this area ranges from 1660 feet to 3160 feet (MSL)

RKMMS brings "Achche din" through the Cultivation of Large Cardamom

R.K.Mossang Memorial Society who has been working with the poor villagers of Arunachal Pradesh successfully since the 1993 had evolved the idea of cultivation of Large Cardamom in these area and brings ” achche din” for the poor tribals.

The area is suitable. Many other species belonging to the same family of it are growing wild here. Few enterprising farmers were also trying the cultivation in small way in other high lands of Changlang district. From own resources, R.K.Mossang Memorial Society brought planting materials of Large Cardamom from Byrnihat (Meghalaya) and Sikkim and had tried in Namgoi of Nampong circle first. Being successful, it had started creating awareness about the benefit of the cultivation of Large Cardamom through its limited field staff. It had appealed the district administration to declare 2014-15 as the “Large Cardamom Year”.

RKMMS brings "Achche din" through the Cultivation of Large CardamomThe emergence of NERCORMP, Changlang has been the boon for the poor people of this area. DST officials of NERCORMP, Changlang moved extensively around such villages, visualized the problems and selected as their targeted village i.e the Project Village and also had selected R.K.Mossang Memorial Society (along with others) as one of the NGO Partners to work in these Project villages. Visions, Mission and Actions of the NERCORM and the NGO clicked which had brought smiles to the faces of the people of this area. As requested NERCORMP, Changlang had allocated funds to the NaRMGs of these villages; Community Coordinators of the NGO solely working on NERCORMP activities were recruited from these villages and were deployed mainly to boost the cultivation of this horticultural crop – all clicked together.

With this fund, the villagers had sincerely and honestly started the cultivation. With this spirit of NERCORMP and R.K.Mossang Memorial Society, everyone can dream of the “ACCHE DIN”

R.K. Mossang Memorial Society hopes and requests NERCORMP, Changlang to provide dryer machine each of the Large Cardamom project villages enabling them to get more prices. Now, the price is low as because the capsules are smoke dry.



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