Research on medicinal plants of state need to be explore- Wanglam Sawin


MLA cum chairman of Arunachal Pradesh State Medicinal Plants Board (APSMPB) Wanglam Sawin urge  the boards members make board to active and make it value and economic base board for welfare of people, while Chairing the 8th Governing body Meeting of APSMPB here today at PCCF conference hall.


Sawin, said that as seems that at presents this board is running very silently, there is no activity in this boards, though there were lots of natural resources like herbs medicinal plants in state. Needs board to be implements in practically and makes it in to functional. Wanglam Sawin  said that “we need to take up the research works on medicinal plants of state and to make it explore.

He ask the boards member, Scientist and researchers to converts this natural resource, herbs and medicinal plants in to valuable and help full for human being. And this will not only help the human being in health sectors it will also become revenue generator of state.

We cannot compare this departments or boards in to other department, so we should need proper plan to bring constructive and fruitful results and to generate this herbs and plants in to helpful for the human being.

The Members Secretary of APSMPB cum DCF, T. Gapak highlighted about the boards and all the action plan of boards, their activity and also the annually fund received from the Government through power points presentation.

Later on board also discussed and approve many topics like sources of pulling funds, renewal fees of registered farmer / Trader , NGO , fixation of MSP( Minimum Selling price) etc.

Latter on Chairman Sawin also Re-launched boards  website that is www.



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