Reality Check: Drivers themselves santizing their vehicles at Hollongi check gate 

Everyday hundreds of vehicles are entering through Hollongi Check gate, and drivers themselves santizing their vehicles

Hollongi-   The above photographs  is taken at Hollong check gate.  The photograph is showing a man is sanitizing a vehicle. Now come to the story:  The man is driver of that vehicle,  who himself sanitizing his car, because there is not a single official is there who can sanitize the vehicles in a proper way.

This is amazing. Where the whole world is fighting against Coronavirus, but  authorities of Papumpare district are not serious,  this is what the photograp is saying.

Everyday hundreds of vehicles are entering through Hollongi Check gate, and drivers themselves santizing their vehicles, reaveals a reality check by this correspondent .  You can see the video.

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Residents of Hollongi area has taken seriously this  vehicles sanitization arrangement at Hollongi check gate and threatened to block the road (National Highway-415) leading toward capital complex if authorities do not arranged a proper sanitization system immediately.

According to the locals,  the most serious thing is that ” thousands of vehicles has entered the state capital during the one month lockdown and those drivers or vehicle owner sanitized their vehicle like this. Most of them do not know how to spray the chemical to sanitize the vehicle.

Not only that, “there is not a single person either from the PHED, Municipality, administration is deputed  who can handle the spray machine or sanitize the vehicles in a proper way “.

It is a risky affairs and we are in apprehension that if proper sanitization process is not arranged, then  we may  get infected by the coronavirus. They alleged.

We are happy that the state government and capital administration has constructed sanitization system at Banderdewa check gate. The same system should be installed here also, locals demanded.

We are equally worry about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) . If authorities will not take immediate action in this regard then we  may have no choice but to block the national highway and will not allow any vehicle to enter the state.


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