Pul Meet with Arunachali patients at Arunachal Bhawan in Mumbai


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today visited the Arunachal Bhawan here at Navi Mumbai and expressed concern over the “ill-treatment” being meted out to Arunachali patients and students staying in the building.

Pul Meet with Arunachali patients at Arunachal Bhawan in MumbaiDuring his inspection of the living conditions at the Arunachal Bhavan, the CM observed that the US Roofs Ltd that shared the 17-storied building with occupants from the State had denied them access to hygienic living conditions. Patients complained that the company had reportedly denied the access to lifts for commuting between the floors and were denied entry to the building through the main entrance.

The Chief Minister regretted over such “discrimination” being meted out to Arunachali people on account of non-payment of certain maintenance bills. If at all the company had genuine grievances, it could have directly reported it to Arunachal government rather than giving mental harassment to the patients people residing in Bhawan, said the CM.

The Chief Minister said that the agreement on the basis of which the buildings were shared between the government of Arunachal and US Roof, would be revisited and the number of rooms allotted to govt. of AP would be increased from the existing 8.

Pul Meet with Arunachali patients at Arunachal Bhawan in MumbaiHe also regretted that the land, which the CIDCO had allotted for construction of Arunachal Bhawan, was being mainly being used to accommodate corporate offices. The govt. of Maharashtra in 1997 had allotted the land for the purpose of construction of an Arunachal Bhavan, cum Sales Emporium. However, Arunachal being a state with a very low revenue base, could not start construction of the Bhavan because of which penalties were imposed for not meeting the construction deadline set by the CIDCO, Pul informed and added that in later years the construction was done on PPP mode.

The Chief Minister earlier met the patients who were mostly undergoing treatment for cancer at the Tata Memorial Hospital. He asked them to apply for treatment expenses to be covered under Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) and assured that the state government would provide maximum assistance for their treatment costs.

The Chief Minister visited each patient in their rooms, enquired on their health and status of treatment, and inspected the condition of the toilets and bathrooms. He contributed financially to the patients through his personal means for immediate expenses of treatment.

The patients expressing their grievances told the CM that it was becoming difficult for them to travel 30 kms every day to Tata Memorial hospital. In response, the Chief Minister assured to provide them with an ambulance fully equipped with life saving devices. Also in response to the CM’s directions, US Roof agreed to arrange 20 rooms for Arunachali patients near the Tata Memorial Hospital where most patients were being treated for cancer.

The patients reported that hospitals in Mumbai did not have coverage of CM Universal Health Insurance Scheme and therefore none of them could avail the insurance benefits. To that the CM assured that the health department would be asked to carry out the process of empanelment of hospitals in Maharashtra.

Also responding to the problems faced by Arunachali visitors to Mumbai, the Chief Minister announced that a Deputy Resident Commissioner along with all the supporting staffs would be posted soon at Mumbai.


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