Pul Hands Over Rs 31 Lakhs for the Pasighat Fire Victim


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today handed over relief package of Rs 31 lakhs for the Fire Vicitim of Pasighat  fire accident of May 11 in which 27 shops were completely burnt to ashes in the heart of town bazaar of Pasighat.

In his maiden visit here, the Chief Minister visited the accident site accompanied by Lok Sabha MP Ninong Ering, WRD Minister Kamlung Mossang, Pasighat East MLA Kaling Moyong, Pasighat West MLA Tatung Jamoh, Mechuka MLA Passang D Sona, Tali MLA Markio Tado, Mariyang MLA Olom Panyang, Deputy Commissioner Isha Khosla and Commissioner Hage Kojeen.

Pul Hands Over Rs 31 Lakhs for the Pasighat Fire Victim

Handing over the relief package, the CM urged that there should be no distinction made between the shop owners and the tenants when distributing relief.

Shop tenants too were liable to be compensated as they too suffer losses as their saleable items are also destroyed in such fire accidents, said Chief Minister addressing to the local people.

Further the Chief Minister said the government would soon revise the existing relief package of Rs 5000-10000 to Rs 119000, and said the state government would approach the centre for the recommendation.

 He informed that additional relief package for the fire victim would be worked out soon under the Chief Minister’s Relief Package, where both shop owners and tenants would be equally compensated.

Pul Hands Over Rs 31 Lakhs for the Pasighat Fire Victim

 “The money disbursed as relief will never be able to fully compensate the loss but the government is always ready to extend help – since for any government, the welfare of the citizen is always the prime objective,” said the Chief Minister.

Pointing out that Pasighat has witnessed three fire accidents in one year; the CM said such repeated accidents should be a lesson for all of us.

 “The government, administration or the police department are not the sole reason for such fire accidents. It is the citizen who has to take initiative,” he said and suggested the citizens to take precautionary measures to keep fire extinguishers, to avoid street congestions so that fire vehicle and reach inaccessible areas.

Suggesting measures to prevent fire, he asked the municipal body to install fire extinguisher in all shops, schools, colleges and hospitals and asked them to install overhead water tanks with hydrants for fire vehicles in the market area and to install proper wiring and electrification to prevent any short circuits.

 He further asked them to give manpower support for cleanliness of the market area and to ensure security by installing police beat posts with all toilet facilities and assured to provide funds and support of the government.

Pul Hands Over Rs 31 Lakhs for the Pasighat Fire Victim

The Chief Minister further informed that for any emergency evacuation, the ALGs can now be used for civilian purposes without the need for lengthy formalities from the defence establishments. On this matter, the CM informed that the issue was taken up with defence ministry and they had consented to the request from the state government.

Also lauding the bonhomie shared between the tribal and the non-tribal communities in Pasighat town, the Chief Minister said such harmony adds to the vibrancy of the place, and advised the people to keep up such spirit of openness so that business and commercial activities gets boost.

He referred to Pasighat and Tezu as the only towns in Arunachal, where non-tribal community too enjoy privileges, and mentioned it as the place that reflects the essence of true India.

Earlier in his speech, Moyong appreciated the prompt action taken by the Chief Minister to visit Pasighat despite his busy schedule. He also appreciated the CM for sanction of Rs 9 crore for construction of stadium at Pasighat.


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