Policeman find hope in battle with kidney disease

New Delhi

Chief Minister Kalikho Pul is known for going above and beyond the call of duty to help people fight life-threatening diseases. Patients who have benefited through Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) in their treatment continue to inspire him to carry on with his noble work.

Takam Taying, 37, an Assistant Sub-Inspector with the Arunachal Pradesh Police shares his story who few months back was diagnosed with end stage Kidney disease.

His both kidneys had stopped functioning and needed a mandatory replacement of one kidney immediately.

“I had no hope of survival and use to cry when alone,” Taying recalls.

Being financially broke and in poor health, the expenditure for the medical treatment was beyond his means. He had been admitted at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi where he was diagnosed.

Taying tells that it suddenly clicked through an acquaintance in New Delhi that the Chief Minister was in the capital city, and he could approach the CM for help.

“I had read lot about CM sir’s help to patients and could gather some hope,” he said.

To Taying’s luck, the Chief Minister himself chanced upon his case during a surprise check here in Arunachal Bhawan, when he came looking for patients who needed help.

“I was then immediately called by the CM to his office where I presented about my dire condition,” Taying recalled.

The Chief Minister immediately approved his medical application for grant of Rs 12 lakhs for kidney transplantation through CMRF fund.

Now assured of the financial help, Taying reflects on – “To me, help from the Chief Minister gave me the courage that I needed to fight the disease”.

“All my family members are with me here in New Delhi. My father will be donating his kidney and the hospital is performing medical tests to check for match.”

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