Police Firing in Tawang, 3 Killed, Several Injured


At least three people were killed and many more were injured when police opened Fire in Tawang, the hilly town of Arunachal Pradesh  bordering China. The incident took place when supporters of Lama Lobsang Gyatso (Anna) came on road and start protesting in support of Lama Anna for his release who was arrested by Police on 28th April 2016.

Lama Lobsang Gyatso is a monk who heads the Save Mon Region Federation, a group opposing the hydro power project in Tawang. Lama Lobsang was arrested on Thursday afternoon and has been kept in Police custody till Monday, based on a complaint that he had defamed the Abbot of the Tawang Monastery, Guru Tulku Rinpoche, the spiritual head of Mon region by questioning his nationality through an audio clip.

Police Firing in Tawang, Three Killed, Several Injured

Meanwhile, after today’s incident the people of Arunachal Pradesh are active in social media and condemning the incident.

Some of the comments from the social media include the following:-

  • Killing of 6 people by State police in Tawang is a serious cause of concern for every Arunachalee. We have never witnessed this magnitude of police Brutality in our state.
  • Today at Tawang in the name of religion three innocent people were killed and many more injured.
  • I know unlike us these police personal aren’t peace loving people… Moreover, the question now is ARE WE PEACE LOVING PEOPLE…. ???
  • This is all because concentration of power is under a single roof in Tawang.
  • On behalf of all the Buddhist followers of Mon Region, I request everyone of you to settle all the ongoing disputes which is taking a very dangerous turn now. Someone is losing their life in this tug of war. Being the youth we deeply put our humble request in front of everyone of you to end this turmoil.

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