Pinch death case- Welly and Kipa denies allegations levelled by Pinch’s family member  




Breaking silence over mysterious death of former Doimukh MLA Ngurang Pinch during rafting expedition at Papum River on November 18, former ministers Atum Welly and Tatar Kipa denied the allegation levelled by Pinch’s family member that they tried to hide the truths over death of late Ngurang Pinch. Late Pinch daughter Ngurang Meena claimed that her father death was a pre-planned political murder.

Denying the allegations leveled against him, Welly disclosed that there  were 21 members out of which 14 males and 7 females in rafting expedition team. However, he refused to disclose the names of female members who accompanied them.

Former Minister went on to claim that while rafting down to Papum River with one inflated (Rubber)  rafting boat and two locally made boats by bamboo were seen before farting at the confluence of the two river ie, Papum and Pomo at Inderjuli area during morning.

“ We started expedition from Inderjuli with guide Ngurang Nega and the rubber boat was boarded by 9 members which include Late Ngurang Pinch, Tatar Kipa, himself and female and himself with live jackets while rest were in two bamboo boats at around 1200 hrs.

After three four hours of expedition we reached at the side in afternoon. Two tents were pitched on eastern side of River Bank  and  on western side of river bank other locally made tent were prepared including camp fire”

“ During the evening, alcohol which was brought by us all were served at camp fire, and late Ngurang Pinch was drunk. Later rafting guide rowed Tatar Kipa and me across the river to eastern side along with two female.  We (him and Tatar) stayed in one tent and two female were on other tent” Welly went on to add.

“During night out of severe cold and shivering Tatar Kipa went to camp fire site late night, I remained in the camp.

He said that we tried for taking photo and others  at the site in afternoon but  our mobile was not working due to wet by river water

On 18th November in the morning, when I woke up, one Ngurang guy came to eastern side looking for late Pinch” Welly said

 “ Later, his body was spotted found by Pane Isaac in the river, our mobiles were dead so we could not informed. Welly stated. The body was recovered by Nabam Tame. Later we rafted down to Ramghat with his body and informed locals who were already waiting for our arrival.

On being questioned by the family members why they were not informed early, if the body was found around 7 AM in the morning, Welly stated that their mobiles phone were dead. It took six hours to reach Ram Ghat (mobile network zone) from the place of occurrence and unaware of network.

Welly refuted his involvement on late Pinch death and affirmed that if the family members of late Pinch are not satisfied to with SIT, they may seek CBI investigation over it.

Refuting the allegation former minister Tatar Kipa clarified that he was not main organiser of the expedition as the family members claimed it. Kipa also denied that he invited late Pinch to his office for the rafting trip, rather claimed it was late Pinch who initiated for it. The dxpedition was finalised at a meeting held at Sango Resort wherein five member were present a day before in evening.

“I have no political ambition in his constituency nor have no personal enmity with him rather he was mine close relative and friend” said Kipa while adding that there was no question of political murder.

He also said that he tried to meet Achi Dopum Welfare Society for a clarification but invain. Tatar added.

“ I had no slightest of idea whether altercation between late Ngurang Pinch and Ngurang Abraham took place or not, I fell asleep” claimed former minister. “ I am deeply hurt that my name was linked and taken on his death” he added. He further appealed aggrieved family members not to give unsubstantiated statement. “ Let the SIT investigate smoothly and let Call Details Records of our phone analyzed by the investigating agency, if I am guilty, the truths will prevailed”  Kipa added.  Both former ministers also appealed to media not to report one-sided story.

Meanwhile, one Nabam Batey who was also among the participants in expedition disclosed there was a minor scuffle between late Pinch and Ngurang Abraham. However, he made it clear that he did not know the reason for scuffle and argument nor he aware how late Pinch died.

The authority has handed over late Pinch dead  case to SIT to unearth the reasons leading to his mysterious death


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