Pending Salaries of SSA and RMSA Teachers to be Release by Monday- Khandu


In a breather to the SSA and RMSA teachers, Chief Minister Pema Khandu today announced to clear all the pending salaries. Chief Minister made this announcement while speaking as chief guest during the Silver Jubilee of Chindang Celebration of Sajolang community at Nafra.

Accordingly, the finance department has been instructed to release Rs 53 crore through state government funds, he informed. The said amount as the pending liabilities for payment of salaries was released following a memorandum he received from the teachers association in Itanagar.

“By Tuesday next, the amount released will be transferred to education department,” said Khandu.  He appealed the teaching community to discharge their duty sincerely and to take care of the students’ future.

Observing lack of required attention towards teaching community, the Chief Minister stressed on showing them more respect for the service they impart in building the future of our children.

“Our society pays more attention towards other profession. But did we ever care about our teachers who are serving in villages and remote areas? Did we ever bother to ask what they need?” asked Khandu.

He appealed the people of Nafra to send a good message that teachers here are respected and that the society cares about them. “With such beginning made, we can build the morale of the whole teaching community,” said the Chief Minister.

He also appealed the CBOs to take pro-active role in providing assistance to state government to improve services in education and health sector.


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