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NE Cancer Patients Can Avail Special Discount at Delhi’s Hospitals

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“Sir,I don’t want to die so early, I cannot afford huge money for my treatment, can you help me please ….” ?    Of all miseries of NE people at Delhi, hearing sombre request of cancer patients in my office is heartbreaking, it’s a feeling akin to sinking in an abyss, the helplessness I feel when cancer patients sit right infront of me and asking……..  Said Robin Hibu, IGP,  Nodal Officer for North East People at Delhi.

Robin Hibu

Hearing these heartbreaking requests, Mr Robin has taken initiative and his effort seems to have bore fruit after all as Delhi’s top 51 hospitals came forward to provide medical concessions ranging from 20%to 60% for NE Cancer patients in Delhi.

Mr Robin requested  all the people belonging to NE to spread this information that  ” NE cancer patients can avail special discount at Delhi’s Hospitals” 

Not only that, hospitals like Max, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Batra Hospitals will give free treatment to cancer patients who are poor as their CEOs have agreed upon the same for the poor or BPL card holders, informed Mr Robin.

With the help of Cancer India Society for helping NE cancer patients in Delhi, recently the Delhi Police NE Unit recently conducted a special cancer screening camp for NE people for 15 days. Thousand have been screened, out of which 175 have been asked for further tests etc as doubtful cases of cancer.

Cancer-Petient--2Talking to Arunachal24, Mr Robin said “I am already talking with all central authorities and departments for a CENTRAL CANCER HOSPITAL FOR NE cancer patients located in a well connected and accessible area in any one of the NE states so that NE cancer patients need not come to Mumbai or Delhi and spend a huge amount. Poor patients generally give up their battle against cancer”.

According to Mr Robin, many cancer patients are enquiring him for financial help but they aren’t aware that  they can get financial assistance from sources like

  • PM relief fund- recommendation by any MP (have seen many patients getting help on recommendations from MPs).
  • CM relief fund from their respective states,
  • Can Ask their MPs & MLAs from Mplad or Mplad fund.
  • Can explore philanthropic NGOs or hospitals who can treat them free of cost.

Mr Robin, also concerned about the Cancer patients are increasing in numbers. As per the information from Cancer Society of India, NE is the highest cancer zone. Recently, NE has also lost Padma Sri Awardee, a promising lady  singer and many others to cancer.



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