Namsai- Villagers Attacked and Injured Two Police Men


In an unprecedented incident hundreds of villagers attacked on a party and injured at least two police men on Saturday. The incident took place when the police team led by D. Singpho, SI of Lohit with Namsai police who reportedly went on a routine raid and trying to apprehend the alleged hardcore drug peddlers at Silatoo Miri village under Lekang Administrative circle in Namsai District were brutally thrashed by the villagers numbering in hundreds armed with machete and lethal weapons. D. Singpho and one other who sustained grievous injuries were reported to be in critical condition and have been rushed to Dibrugarh for emergent treatment.

In what a more surprising and barbaric act that followed, the villagers further went on to attack CK Mein, SP of Namsai and his two other accompanying police officials who rushed and reached the spot on hearing the incident of thrashing the police team. Reportedly, the mob did not pay heed to the request of the SP for restrain but kept thrashing and further attacked them all untill a column of police reinforcement later reached the spot and recued them. Eye witnesses said that the attackers included the men and women folks of the village who even refused to agree the identity of the police officials and the SP despite showing their official ID cards and knowing them well in person.

It may be pertinent to say that in the backdrop of the deep rooted ill effect of drug menace since a long time and the crusade against it launched jointly by the public and police of Lohit and Namsai, the act of the miris of Silatoo village is in contravention to the spirit of the crusade against the social evils and popular sentiment of the people. It is un-acceptable and unfounded. It is also made to understand that the police team acted on a tiff off provided by a local caller there. Under such circumstances, a pre planned act by the Silatoo miris in connivance with the drug dealers and peddlers with ulterior motives cannot be ruled out. The gruesome attack on the custodian of the law is never expected in a civilized society. It must be considered savage us and condemned in the strongest term by all corners. This is not the first time that such incidences happened and therefore, now the fingers are raised to the wrongdoers. The matter warrants detailed investigation by all means.

The Tai Khampti Singpho Council and Tai Khampti Development Society jointly condemn it in its highest tone and consider it as an attack to its esteemed members unprovoked. We jointly urge the Namsai Administration and the Police to come down heavily and nab all the culprits immediately failing which it shall be bound to launch suitable movement against this attack on the police officials and its respectable members. All NGOs, PRI members, public leaders, officials, youth, women, students and all other frontal organisations are urged to stand united and voice against this unbecoming act of the Silatoo Miri villagers who should be solely responsible for this wild act and its consequences later.



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