Municipal council should help in beautification of Itanagar- DC


The Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar capital complex , Prince Dhawan  convened a coordination meeting with the officials of Itanagar Municipal Council in his office chamber on Monday. The Chief Municipal Executive Officer, Habung Lampung and Municipal Executive Engineer, Er Tadar Tarang highlighted the various activities being undertaken by Itanagar Municipal Council.

The Deputy Commissioner suggested various measures and activities that should start within the IMC jurisdiction, as such, he emphasized on

  • an early effort should be initiated by IMC to make the city open defecation free.
  • Operationalize the pay and use toilet.
  • Expansion of door to door garbage collection to the remaining wards.
  • Initiation of penalty on haphazard throwing of garbage along roads side and market places.
  • Hiring of Garbage collectors for real time collection from individual households.
  • Proper road map for sanitary assistant to be prepared and timely lifting of garbage should be started to make Itanagar a clean city.

Further he said that the Municipal council should help in beautification of the Itanagar city and take responsibility to maintain sector road and footpath in the entire municipality area.

As such he directed the Municipal Executive Engineer to submit logistic estimates at an early date, so that the capital dwellers enjoy better communication network.


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