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Massive Fire razes down St. Peter’s School building to Ashes


A massive fire raze down a 57-year-old St. Peter’s School building in to ashes. The incident took place  in Shillong, the Capital city of Northeast’s tiny state Meghalaya on Wednesday. According to the Police,  however Fire tenders were at the spot within minutes of the case being reported, but they failed to save the school. Ruling out foul play, police said they trying to find out the exact cause of the fire.


The incident took place around early in the morning when there were no students inside the building. One of the causes for the fire is believed to be a short-circuit, but that remains to be confirmed.The fire spread rapidly through the school building which was primarily a wooden structure. It was worsened by the explosion of gas cylinders.


Reports suggest no casualties as people living on the premises managed to exit just in time. Fire tenders had difficulty extinguishing the fire owing to the narrow lines around the school building. The fire lasted for nearly an hour.


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