Marnya Doye case to be taken up by CBI- Pul requested to Fadnavis


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul had called on Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis here today and requested that the case of late Doye to be investigated by CBI, to which his Maharashtra counterpart readily agreed. Ms. Marnya Doye, who died under mysterious circumstances on April 26 last in Raigadh district of Maharashtra.

“There is a fear and suspicion of foul play in her death by her family and some facts have come to light that suggests that Doye may have been a victim of murder,” the CM told the Maharashtra Chief Minister.

Further justifying his request for CBI investigation, the Chief Minister said while appreciating the Maharashtra Police for the swift progress made in the case, such a move would pacify the fears of bias in the investigations and in pursuit of the cause of natural justice, would go a long way in re-building confidence and strengthen the bonds between the two states.

Also to alleviate the feeling of alienation among the people of Arunachal in particular and the northeast in general in Mumbai, the two Chief Ministers agreed on several confidence building measures.

On the appeal by CM Pul for establishment of a coordination cum redressal committee to address the grievances of northeast people, Fadnavis agreed to the proposal for a committee, which would be headed by an officer of northeast origin under the Maharashtra government. The committee would also work in close coordination with the northeast diaspora in Mumbai.

Chief Minister Pul also raised the issue of Arunachal Bhavan at Navi Mumbai, which is facing notice for cancellation of allotment being issued by CIDCO. He requested the Maharashtra CM for consideration of Arunachal’s case sympathetically, as a number of patients coming to Mumbai, as well as a large number of students, desperately needed the accommodation at the premises.

CM Pul also requested for an additional plot in Mumbai to which the Maharashtra CM agreed to allot a plot of land near the Chhattisgarh government plot, for creation of a new Deputy Resident Commissioner’s establishment.

Further stressing on confidence building measures, Pul said that the two states of Arunachal and Maharashtra has seen an increase in visitors exchange and time has now come for the states to acknowledge this visits and the fact that we are drawing closer despite the great distance that separates us.

To boost such exchanges, CM Pul said that the proposed Liaison Office of the Govt of Arunachal Pradesh at Mumbai, which will be supervised by an officer of the rank of Deputy Resident Commissioner will not only be useful for our people who come here for education and healthcare, but it will also be of help to tourists and people on business trips for getting information about Arunachal as well as to get the Inner Line Permit (ILP) that is required for travel in our State, CM Pul stressed.

Further CM Pul extended his invitation to his Maharashtra counterpart to which Fadnavis agreed to visit Arunachal positively in later half of this year.


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